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Jide Technology, the company released Remix OS (desktop optimised fork of Android) has announced that the platform is being updated to support a whole range of old hardware, as well as bringing new features and bug fixes. So you can give life to old PC with Remix OS.

Remix OS

They have brought alpha version of the OS for X86 machines last month. Now they are ready for the  more stable beta build. And support for 32-bit hardware (i.e. that ancient PC you’ve got at the back of a cupboard somewhere). So, give life to old PC with Remix OS.

Alongside the 32-bit hardware support, the new version – from March 1, which will be available to download. This will also offer dual-boot support through a new hard drive installer. It also brings in OTA update options, meaning users won’t have to worry about losing data when performing an upgrade.

A stable, non-beta, release should arrive “later in the year,” according to the company.

One thing worth keeping in mind, however, is that as Remix OS significantly changes the way Android works. And the way apps are displayed due to the different form factor of the devices that can run it. It’s currently undergoing re-evaluation by Google for having Play Services and the Play Store preinstalled.

The company expects approval at a later date, but for now, you’ll have to side load Google Play Services following these instructions.

Recent Updates 

Update: you don’t actually need USB 3.0 ports to install this OS, as the Jide website recommends them. A company spokesperson said It will run on 32-bit computers that have only USB 2.0 ports.

Update: Remix OS is a now-discontinued computer operating system for personal computers with x86 and ARM architectures that, prior to discontinuation of development, shipped with a number of 1st- and 3rd-party devices.

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