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In today’s more demanding and efficient world of IT, everybody wants a laptop which gets suitable according to their daily needs and many giant laptop manufacturers are trying by creating such laptops as per the customers demands. As, people use their laptop in a press event or writing an article and want to be annoyed in between. They want a good trackpad and battery life. So, that why they have launched Microsoft Surface Book, the ultimate laptop.   Microsoft, has the answer with its new Surface Book laptop. Microsoft claims it’s the “ultimate laptop” that’s designed to go head-to-head with Apple’s MacBook Pro and Premium Windows laptops. While the Surface Book is primarily a laptop, it’s also a tablet thanks to a display that detaches into something like a digital clipboard.


You can compare Microsoft Surface Book to the MacBook Pro. There’s a big trackpad, nice key spacing on the keyboard, and an overall sleek combination of black and silver. All of this resembles a MacBook Pro. Microsoft has picked magnesium for the materials on the Surface Book. It’s almost soft to touch, and it doesn’t feel as cold and harsh as the aluminium on a MacBook. Microsoft is going for premium here.

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Opening up the Surface Book requires two hands because it’s magnetically sealed together to ensure nothing moves around while you’re carrying it. That’s not because the tablet portion will ever fall off, but more to protect the hinge. The Surface Book’s 13.5-inch display looks a little tall and unconventional at first. That’s because Microsoft has picked a 3:2 aspect ratio instead of the wide 16:9 or 16:10 ratios found on most laptops.  

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The trackpad and keyboard on the Surface Book has the quality which you’d expect from a premium laptop. It’s a big glass surface that feels just like a MacBook trackpad. Typing on the Surface Book is a weird experience at first. There’s not very much key travel, so the keyboard feels a little hard. It took a few hours of typing to get used to it. The Surface Book’s keyboard spacing is pretty ideal. Microsoft has done a good job with its first real laptop keyboard.  

Microsoft surface book front

Not only you get premium quality but also Microsoft has provided premium specifications. On the base model there’s 8 GB of RAM paired with Intel’s latest Core i5 processor, and it’s fast. Basic web browsing, a bit of Photoshop, and regular desktop apps all perform well. A 16 GB of RAM model equipped with a Core i7 processor. There is no drastic changes between the two models for my basic work needs, but in gaming the Core i7 model benefits from the Nvidia GPU installed in the base. Drivers aren’t supplied directly from Nvidia yet, so it’s difficult to measure performance fully.  

Microsoft surface book side

The unique and interesting part of the Microsoft Surface Book, the ultimate laptop, is the new fulcrum hinge. It snakes around the base and display of the Surface Book, and it looks great. It has individual notches that extend to let you adjust the screen angle, and they sound like they’re peeling as you fold it out. While the hinge isn’t infinitely adjustable, it has enough viewing angles to cater for my desk and lap usage. Because this is also a tablet, it makes this new hinge a little compromised. The hinge isn’t resistive enough like a regular laptop, so it bounces and wobbles a little if you’re typing in your lap, or you touch the display while you’re using it as a laptop. The problem with the hinge is that it also reveals the main weakness of the Surface Book. If you close the book down, the display doesn’t sit flush with the keyboard, leaving an unsightly gap. It also makes the Surface Book a lot bulkier than a regular laptop. Dust gets regularly deposited onto the Surface Book keyboard because of this gap.    

Microsoft surface book

Microsoft Surface Book the ultimate laptop has built a little button on the keyboard that unlocks the screen from the base. It’s like one of those crazy buttons you press to enter a secret room, and it lets you pull off the display and use it as a giant tablet. Microsoft has built an entire PC into this display that doubles as a touch screen and supports a stylus. While the base unit and display combine into a laptop that’s not exactly lightweight at 3.34 pounds (1.51 kg), the tablet section feels manageable at 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg).   The new Surface Pen is greatly improved thanks to a more resistive tip, but there’s still a slight lag that will irritate artists who want to draw on this professionally. It’s fine for note-taking though, and there’s even an eraser on the top now. You can even hold the button down to activate Cortana, but I found it didn’t always detect my voice very well. The Surface Pen also snaps magnetically to the side.  

Microsoft Surface Book back

There are two USB ports, a full SD card reader, a mini DisplayPort, and an additional Nvidia GPU on some models. It’s a battery dock for the tablet. Once you’re done using it as a tablet, you can simply dock the Surface Book back in, and it stays coupled together with magnets and a “muscle wire” lock that secures it firmly in place. It’s a clever piece of engineering, but it relies on battery power to activate. You can remove the display when it’s powered off, but if you drain the battery, you’ll have to wait until it’s at least 10 percent before you can undock it again.   While the tablet portion should last around 4 hours, Microsoft claims up to 12 hours if you’re using it as a regular laptop. It’s not lying. Watching HD movies, using Photoshop, and surfing the web with Twitter open all day. It takes around 2 hours to charge the tablet itself, and around 4 or 5 hours to charge both. Because the keyboard and tablet both use the same Surface connector, you can use a single cable to do both, or just charge them combined in the regular laptop mode.   For pricing and more details from Microsoft’s official website, click here.

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