Apple announces new iMac 21.5-inch with 4K display


We all know the small version of Apple iMac having 21.4-inch 1080p display. It was having a very sleek design, and we all loved it. After 2 years now Apple is updating the iMac with faster processor, RAM, and with better improved graphics. And yes as mentioned in the title it’s having 4K display making the iMac screen more sharp and vibrant.  

  You will be stunned by the new 4K display as Apple is using a  new display tech on this model. It says 25 percent more colours, primarily reds, greens and yellows making colours stronger and accurate. The line hasn’t really been updated in over two years, and today it’s taking the step up to Intel’s Broad well processors. That may not sound very exciting. Broad well is technically one generation old but these are actually relatively new processors, having only made it out of Intel’s factories in June. And while Sky lake is out there, Sky lake chips with Iris Pro graphics aren’t. That’s probably the reason why the iMac is seeing what seems to be a delayed upgrade. Apple’s cheapest iMac includes a 1.6GHz dual-core i5, while the 4K version begins with a 3.1GHz quad-core i5 you’ll probably want to upgrade.


The higher-end iMac models will also include the Iris Pro graphics. RAM is been improved from 8 GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 to 8 GB of 1867GHz LPDDR3, which is upgradable to 16 GB. The update also includes Thunderbolt 2 and a larger storage option. You will notice that basically Apple has made the inside specs update. But from the outside look it’s the same as the previous version but with a 4K display. It’s still impressively slim and stylish. The black bezels around the display are starting to feel large when compared to, say, the MacBook, but they aren’t really something you notice when there’s a large 4K screen taking up most of your vision.


Apple is updating its standalone keyboard, trackpad, and mouse, with the former two getting design overhauls. The keyboard and mouse come with the iMac by default. And you’ll be able to opt for the (much more expensive) new trackpad, with the former two getting design overhauls. The keyboard and mouse come with the iMac by default, and you’ll be able to opt for the (much more expensive) new trackpad.



4K is the only option on Apple’s most expensive 21.5-inch machine. As for the price concerns, it’ll start at $1,499, while 1080p models will continue to start at $1,099.

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