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In India, Seagate has announced the launch of second-generation Seagate Slim backup plus external hard drive and the “world’s first portable 4 TB storage device”, the Backup Plus Fast.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim

Seagate Backup Plus Slim comes with USB 3.0 interface and includes the backup software, Seagate Dashboard. The Seagate Dashboard software provides one-click backup solution, but can also be set as a scheduled backup up as needed. On top of that, the Dashboard software can back up Facebook as well as Flickr albums and even all the photos you have been tagged in can be backed up from your social networks to the drive.

The drive also comes with a preloaded NTFS driver for Mac, with which the drive can be used interchangeably between Windows and Mac computers without reformatting the drive or using an ancient file format like FAT. The free Seagate Mobile Backup app for iOS and Android mobile device lets you back up all pictures and videos from the device to the drive or the cloud.

The Seagate Backup Plus Slim will be available at Rs. 4,250 Approx. (500 GB storage), Rs. 6,000 Approx. (1 TB) and Rs. 10,500 Approx. (2 TB) price points.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast 

Seagate Backup Plus Fast is the “world’s first” 4 TB drive that is fully USB-powered and does not require external power supply. It supports USB 3.0 interface with transfer speeds up to 220 MB/s. Seagate Dashboard, Mobile Backup app and NTFS driver for Mac are included with this drive as well.

The Seagate Backup Plus Fast (4 TB) is priced at Rs. 25,000 Approx. For more information related to this product, please visit Seagate official website.

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