Nvidia 334.89 Drivers: Boost performance up to 19%



Nvidia 334.89 Drivers

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Nvidia has posted its new Nvidia 334.89 GeForce drivers, bringing a number of fixes, new profiles, and of course performance improvements. However, This driver will only work for any modern-day GeForce labelled graphics card. Meanwhile, the performance improvements are compared to the previous 332.21 WHQL-certified drivers.

GeForce GTX 770/780/TITAN/780Ti:

  • Up to 19% in F1 2013
  • Up to 18% in Sleeping Dogs
  • For Hitman Absolution, Up to 16% 
  • Up to 15% in Company of Heroes 2
  • Up to 10% in Assassin’s Creed 3
  • For BioShock Infinite, Up to 7%
  • Up to 6% in Sniper Elite V2
  • Up to 5% in Total War: Rome 2

SLI Technology:

  • Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD – created profile
  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry – created profile
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut – created profile
  • The Crew – created profile

Gaming Technology:

  • Supports GeForce ShadowPlay™ technology
  • Supports GeForce ShadowPlay™ Twitch Streaming


  • Also, Supports NVIDIA GameStream™ technology

3D Vision:

  • Shadow Warrior – rating now “Excellent”
  • The Stanley Parable – rated “Excellent”
  • Walking Dead 2 – rated “Good”
  • World Rally Championship 4 – rated “Good”
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes – rated “Good”
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – rated “Fair”

Note: Finally, you can download the latest Nvidia 334.89 Drivers (Official Website) from here.

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