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Lenovo Annual Report

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Lenovo product from E-Commerce: Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon not our authorized resellers, said in the advisory on Lenovo website

NEW DELHI: Chinese smartphone and PC maker Lenovo has issued an advisory cautioning consumers when buying Lenovo product from E-Commerce companies like Snapdeal, Flipkart and as they are not its authorised resellers.

Lenovo Annual Report

“What we have noticed in the past few months is that some of these sites, and largely due to a marketplace kind of set up, there are a lot of resellers that have cropped up, which are selling at very low predatory prices. These we believe may or may not be an authorised or genuine products,” said Sudhin Mathur, Director, Smartphones, Lenovo India.

He added that the company has issued an advisory with a list of all authorised stores and genuine partners.

“E-commerce websites like Snapdeal, Flipkart and are not authorised Lenovo resellers. We encourage you to check your warranty entitlements when you buy from these websites,” Lenovo said in the advisory on its website.

In a bid to woo customers, e-commerce companies offer heavy discounts on products, which are often below prices offered in the offline market.

When contacted, Snapdeal said it takes “utmost care” to list products only by those sellers who have the necessary authorisation to sell these products.

“Customers can rest assured that all the Lenovo product and Toshiba products which are available on are genuine and eligible for warranty,” a Snapdeal spokesperson said.

According to an Amazon India spokesperson, sellers are “contractually obligated to list genuine products” with manufacturer warranty. This applies to all brands, it added.

Here’s what top retail brand Dell have said about online offers and warranties on products being offered online:

Dell: According to Dell it’s only authorized online partner is At various points over the past year, Dell has issued advisories to customers against buying its products from specific e-commerce portals. In April this year, Dell had warned shoppers against buying from Snapdeal

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