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Take a look at Computer Hardware Chart below. Here, we bring an amazing and in-depth view of what your computer is all about. Keep in mind, this was first shared in 2009 by Sonic at Devianart.

ComputerHardwareChart 1 | Computer hardware chart | Bond High Plus
Version 2.0

Furthermore, we have come up with a new image that was upload by the same guy in 2016. Which contains the latest technological advents such as fiber channel plugs, fiber optic ports, different types of power connectors which are contemporary to today’s computer world. On top of that, different types of phone plugs as well.

Meanwhile, details of all these can be found in the newer image below:

Computer Hardware Chart

Finally, This computer hardware chart contains information about the following. Please click to enlarge!

  • RAM
  • Hard drive
  • Processor card and socket slots
  • Different ports
  • CPU sockets
  • Desktop card slots
  • Peripheral cards etc.

Also, read more in depth about Computer Component Chart published by Himalay Patel on Bond High Plus. This will give you an idea about all this different component and how it is related to this chart.

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