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Bond High Plus has all Types of USED/NEW Computer Components Available. Our products & services are unconditionally warranted 100% for one year. (We have the best warranty terms in the computer industry and the products to match.)  

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  • Meanwhile, for upgrading your PC / computer components, these connectors can come in handy for Old PC users. However, you may call us when you have a computer problem or question. We don’t charge for general assistance on the phone.
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  • Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UP7: Over Clocking series Motherboards. On top of that, it’s water cool compatible and LGA 1150 for 4th Generation intel processors and Z87 Platform. What’s Your Upgrade Plan for PC ??
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  • Finally, Intel i9 Processor named Gulftown:
i9 1 | Computer Components | Bond High Plus

It will be 10% faster than the latest six-core i7 3930 processors. It can be placed in an LGA 1366 socket and will be supported by the X58 Express chipsets which support the current Core i7. They will also include built-in graphics similar to all code-name “Gulftown” processors.

We can recommend and supply everything you will need for your software applications. A local warranty on your new system means fast local support plus you will have the benefit of everything set up the way you want it.

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