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If there is one thing you can say about Sony, it’s that they know how to build an alluring notebook; and the Sony VAIO Fit 15 is no exception to that rule. With its sleek form factor and clean metallic frame, the 15.6-inch VAIO Fit emanates a sophisticated vibe that most notebooks strive for.


sony fit 14e black 13 back01 100036325 orig | Sony VAIO Fit 15 Laptop | Bond High Plus

The Sony VAIO Fit is certainly capable of taking on most tasks, equipped with an Intel Core i5-3337U Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M and 4 GB RAM the Sony VAIO fits easily tackles basic functions such a word processing and web browsing.

Thanks to the 4 GB of RAM, the notebook is also able to juggle multiple tasks without any noticeable decline in performance. The Sony VAIO Fit can tackle more extensive Office functions such as complex excel tables without a serious drop in performance. Although, as configured, the notebook’s ability to multitask more demanding functions like multiple video and photo editing applications is somewhat limited.

Heat and Noise:

sony 13q2 FITseries 15 black keyboard lg | Sony VAIO Fit 15 Laptop | Bond High Plus

The Sony VAIO Fit offers one of the more peculiar vent locations that I’ve seen in a notebook. The vent is located directly between the device’s speakers on the edged surface that is slanted towards the display. While unusual, the location is also ingenious, as it ensures that the hot air emanating from the device is pushed away from the users. This is especially welcomed when using the Sony VAIO as a laptop.

The fan does manage to keep the device relatively cool most of the time. While running multiple programs or particular taxing functions, the notebook did become warmer, though the fan managed to keep the device cool enough that it could still be comfortably used as a laptop. When the machine heats up, the fan does a produce an audible hum.


The specifications of this unique Sony VAIO Fit 15 Series can be seen from here


However, people shopping for a “family PC” that can perform basic computing functions with a quality display and comfortable design may find the Sony VAIO Fit to be a great fit.

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