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After Twitter and Google+,  now Mark Zuckerberg also introduce the Hashtag on Facebook. Using these hashtags, the user can find out what others are discussing. To make a clickable hashtag, user have to add hash sign (#) before word. For example. #BondHighPlus (it is interesting to explore, you know). Clicking on this hashtag, the user will get all the discussions on that particular topic.

Please keep in mind

  • A hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces.
  • You can include numbers in a hashtag, but punctuation and special characters (like $ and %) won’t work.
  • Search for a hashtag using the search bar at the top of any page.
  • You’ll only see posts that were shared with you.

Best Practices

Popular hashtags can be effective Sometimes, the most popular hashtag are the ones that make it easiest to reach the fan. For example, you may feel tempted to differentiate a topic or promote the topic like: #NBAFinalsOnABC but fans may be using the simpler version of the hashtag, #NBAFinals.

Keep it simple Several hashtags for a single topic can sometimes be confusing for fans. Keep it simple and use one or a few hashtags that fans can understand and remember.

Avoid punctuation, Hashtags will not pick up any punctuation on any platform. For example #Let’sGoHeat should be written #LetsGoHeat, so the entire hashtag is clickable.

Avoid spaces Hashtags will not pick up any spaces on any platform. For example, #Lets Go Heat will not make the entire phrase clickable.

Use hashtags to identify a topic of conversation, For example, “The Heat are playing great! #NBAFinals”

Incorporate hashtags into your sentences, For example, “Who gets your vote for #NBAFinals MVP?”

Connect other platforms to your Facebook Pages. Any Hashtag on Facebook that you use on other platforms that are connected to your Facebook Page will be automatically clickable and searchable on Facebook.

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