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Have you ever wonder why your computer or laptop slows down over the time ? Just like your home, laptop needs maintenance too. Do not get frustrated and just throw away your computer. There is always a way to fix things. But what cause your computer slows down? There are plenty of things which can slows down a computer. Few things are listed below in details.

1. Poor RAM:

Slows down a computer - RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a crucial part of a computer. If your computer does not have enough of it, then it starts slowing down. As apps and programs are becoming more technologically advanced, your computer requires more RAM juiced than ever. In the absence of enough RAM, the hard drive tries to fill in for the memory gap, and that is what keeps your system from performing well.

2. Unnecessary Software:

Slows down a computer - Program

Oh look, a flashy music player. There’s no way I am leaving it out! Our frenzy to install each and every software we come across, is one of the biggest factors that bloat our computers and cause them to perform poorly.

3. Too Many Startup Applications:

Slows down a computer - Apps

There are several applications that automatically start when you boot your system. These are call startup applications, and they hog system resources like crazy. While most of these applications may be necessary, they must be used only when the need arises. It’s like, the moment you reach for your toothpaste and brush, the tap starts running.

4. Lack of Defragmentation:

hard disk

A slow computer, in most cases, is a fragmented computer. Fragmentation takes place every time a file is saved, modified or deleted. Now, all such changes are saved in small bits across the hard drive. Now, these bits are not necessarily placed contiguously and in a logical order. So, when you want to access a modified file, the computer runs a search in random locations, and this affects its performance.

5. Data Corruption:

Slows down a computer - Data loss

Another major culprit that slows down computers is data corruption. It can occur due to human error, software or hardware issues. When computer data gets corrupted, the affected computer tends to perform sluggishly even for normal or lighter operations.


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