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Dell XPS 15

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Remember the XPS 13 that Dell released earlier this year?. A well nice designed 13-inch laptop with edge-to-edge display, isn’t it?. Perfect option to replace Apple’s MacBook Air. Many people liked that and its obvious that in this demanding world people with ask for the 15-inch variant too. They have finally introduced the Dell XPS 15. The 15-inch laptop that is also having the edge-to-edge display with the same design as XPS 13.

Dell XPS 15 Front

As already mention above, the Dell XPS 15 is also having the edge-to-edge display but this time with 4K display. As the display is bigger, the small bezel is fairly noticeable. Dell assures that you will get the least of the Adobe RGB so that you can get great viewing angles and colour originality. The display is a glossy version and for the matte  display you have to select the non-touch HD version.

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Moving on to the design, the palm rest is as the same as the XPS 13 made of aluminium and a carbon fibre, and it feels the same. In terms of specification you will get the latest Intel’s Sky lake processors starting from Core i3 and Core i5 & Core i7 according to your taste. You will also get the USB Type-C which you can also use for charging the XPS 15 itself. This USB Type-C will also support the Thunderbolt 3. If you want some gaming then you have the option for Nvidia GTX 960M in this laptop to run all your games good.

Dell XPS 15 Back

Dell is making things a little more interesting on the battery side. Models with a regular HDD will use a 56W battery, but if you opt for an SSD version you’ll get 84W because the company can cram in a larger battery. That means the choice is simple: If you want better battery life, then don’t get the 4K touch model. Dell is promising around 10 hours of wireless web browsing for the Core i7 with 4K display, and a massive 17 hours for the Core i7 with HD display. That’s a big difference.

Dell XPS 15

Dell’s XPS 15 is one of the best looking Windows machines out there, and it’s really going head-to-head with the MacBook Pro this time around. Dell’s new XPS 15 is available starting from $999 and upwards. They are also refreshing its XPS 13 today with Sky lake processors, more RAM options, a larger battery, USB Type-C, and faster SSDs starting at $799.

Note: For more information visit Dell website from here

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