Lego Built Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 !!



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Xiaosheng Li, big fan of Nvidia. He loves his GTX 690 graphics card and built one out of Lego. Yes, it’s a Lego Built Nvidia graphics card. You see that guy up there! Yes, you heard it right, it’s a Lego Built Nvidia graphics card. Legos is a Danish made construction toy.

Lego Built Nvidia

Xiaosheng used 11,396 Lego bricks, with the end result being a six-foot-long, two foot wide Monster Graphic card. The project took him three months of period as well as ¥10,000, equal to about $1640. In addition, to design the card, Xiaosheng used the LEGO Digital Designer Software. He crafted the beast and calls it the Lego Version GTX690. The inspiration for the build was the fact that someone made an AMD Radeon HD 7970 video card from LEGO pieces earlier this year, and he thought it looked rough and ugly.

Lego Built Nvidia

He used Microsoft Excel to draft up his first model and then ultimately used LEGO Digital Designer software to finish the 3D build design. The program lets you know the exact number of LEGO blocks needed, so after sourcing all the pieces, it was time to sit down and spend hours and hours assembling the card. Furthermore, the end result is a GeForce GTX 690 clone that is made from LEGO bricks that is 175 cm by 65 cm in size (69″ x 25.5″) and that is extremely heavy. This Lego Nvidia Graphic Card do not run any games, but it does have a working fan though! 

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