Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper

Special Edition Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper crafted by Bond High Plus. You can also upload and share your favourite Windows XP wallpapers HD.

Microsoft Windows XP defined an era in personal computing. It remains iconic in the PC timeline. I think its desktop wallpapers are iconic by themselves. How many millions of people looked at one of these images every day?

I compiled a list of the default Windows XP desktop background wallpapers. XP was everywhere when I was getting my start on the web. Windows XP & its lovable desktop backgrounds helped shape the designer I am today, much the way the house in which I grew up shaped my personality.

Top 5 Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper For PC Desktop.
  • Amazing Roads with Nature Outback and Clear Blue Sky
  • Green Landscape with Cloudy sunset look far outer side
Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper
  • Dark Cloudy Sky with XP Shadow on Lawn
Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper
  • Red / Grey Professional XP Wallpaper with Fish Logo
  • A Dreamy World with Nature Outback and Planet.
Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper

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