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Samsung Galaxy Series made its first impression on June 4, 2010. Since then, it’s become the phone line most people think of when Android is mentioned.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Series

The Galaxy S4 wasn’t just Samsung’s most popular Galaxy S series phone, it’s also the best-selling Android phone of all time. But it also felt like the moment where Samsung jumped the shark. However, the main culprit here was TouchWiz, as Samsung usher in a ton of bloatware and took an “everything and the kitchen sink as well” approach to its own software additions. Do you really need page scrolling via a head tilt? Or the ability to create a 5.1 surround sound system with six phones? That’s not to say that it didn’t have any interesting software additions, like “bothies” (yes, way before Nokia) and Drama Shot, but be honest, did you ever use even these novel features more than once?

The good
  • Removable battery with micro SD card slot
  • Good daytime picture quality
  • Great display
The bad
  • Bloated Android skin with many gimmicky features
  • Basically Galaxy S3.1 in terms of design
  • Low-light image quality paled in comparison to HTC One

2. Samsung Galaxy Camera

Shoot, edit and share instantly with the GALAXY Camera from Samsung Galaxy Series Camera. On top of that, freedom of 4G + Wi-Fi and powerful intelligence of Android Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Series

3. Samsung Galaxy Nxt Phablet concept

Samsung Galaxy Series

Finally, it is a Very Good Concept. Looks Very good, stylish and Mixture Of Phone and Tablet. Although, The Designer Of Samsung Galaxy Nxt Phablet concept Is Christophe Simeon. This Phone Contains 5.5 Inch Of Full HD Display, 2 Micro Phones, Stereo Speakers, qwerty keyboard with sliding and This Phone Looks like S3 Or S4. Enjoy And wait For Next.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart Dock

Samsung Galaxy Series

A new Smart Dock for the Samsung Galaxy Note II has surfaced. Turning the stylus-toting smartphone into a mini desktop setup with plentiful connectivity for a display and wired peripherals. Listed at Samsung US’ site as well as at UK retailer Clove, the €76.96 accessory has three USB ports and a full-sized HDMI output, squirting up to 1080p Full HD onto a TV or monitor.

There’s also a 3.5 mm stereo audio output, for hooking up a set of speakers. A micro USB input for charging the phone and powering the Smart Dock itself. On top of that, the Note II can be used as normal when docked in place – including for making phone calls – and if you’ve a flip cover fitted you won’t need to remove it in order to slot it in. So, you could use the Smart Dock to turn your Note II into a desktop computer replacement, with a full-sized keyboard and mouse to navigate via Android – and all the usual Android apps – on a large display.

Alternatively, it could form the hub of a media system, hooked up to your TV and with external storage plugged into the USB ports.

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