Apple announces new iMac 21.5-inch with 4K display

iMac late 2015 21.5 inch part 4 | Apple announces new iMac 21.5-inch with 4K display | Bond High Plus

We all know the small version of Apple iMac having 21.4-inch 1080p display. It was having a very sleek design, and we all loved it. After 2 years now Apple is updating the iMac with faster processor, RAM, and with better improved graphics. And yes as mentioned in the title it’s having 4K display making […]

Full Update: Apple iPhone 6s

Today we are giving you an update on the key sections in the Apple iPhone 6s which makes this phones very different from its predecessor iPhones. The design: It is already clear that the design of new iPhones are same as their predecessor. You will rarely know if you were using the Apple iPhone 6s […]

It’s here now, the iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

Yes, finally Apple unveiled its new era of iPhones, the iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus at its San Francisco event. Upgrade to hardware: The iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus looks identical to the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, but there’s a lot more hardware upgrades made by Apple this time in its […]

Apple Product “RED” for Promotion, Donation and Fight against “AIDS”

Apple Apps for RED 1 | Apple Product "RED" for Promotion, Donation and Fight against "AIDS" | Bond High Plus

Being working for past eight years behind (RED) intuitive, Apple has started the first ever worldwide App Store initiative that has 25 great apps out there being made available with special, limited edition content under the Apple Product RED banner. Apple is doing its part for the World AIDS Day across November 28th and December […]

The new iOS 8.1.1 update frees up to 500 MB of storage space

iOS 8.1.1 update

Finally, iOS 8.1.1 update has arrived with solutions for lots of bugs been created in the iOS 8 / 8.1. Yes it’s true, this iOS update frees up to 500 MB of storage space. According to the reports, an average gain of 500 MB free space is been opened after the entire updating process is […]

Apple Logo Evolution


Apple Logo Evolution, It all Started With a Fruit. Despite carrying the name Apple, the company’s first logo didn’t describe the physical shape of an apple. The Newton Crest: 1976-1976 The first Apple logo was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, sometimes referred to as the third co-founder of Apple. The logo depicts Isaac Newton […]

Apple iPhone 5 Launches: Compared with iphone 4s

Differences between Apple iPhone 5 and 4S

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is the biggest redesign of the hit smartphone since it launched in 2007. What is differences between Apple iPhone 5 and 4S, to work out whether this is an essential upgrade. As with all Apple products, you’re unlikely to see iPhone 5 discounted during the next 12 months, so buying early […]