Rainmeter Skins

RAINMETER WINDOWS | Rainmeter Skins | Bond High Plus

Free and easy to install Rainmeter skins, suites, and more. Make your desktop your own. Make your very own computer ”Jarvis” i.e. Iron Man’s computer. Let’s get started. On top of that, this is Mind-blowing technique. Tested in Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 not tested in Windows 8. Step 1: you would need Visual C++ 2010 SP1 […]

C++ Programming Language: Things to know

C++ programming language

C++ programming language is a powerful general-purpose language. It can be used to develop operating systems, browsers, games, and so on. C++ supports different ways of programming like procedural, object-oriented, functional, and so on. This makes C++ powerful as well as flexible. Year of Creation? Between 1979 and 1983, C++ programming language hit the ground […]

Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper

Special Edition Windows XP High Definition Wallpaper crafted by Bond High Plus. You can also upload and share your favourite Windows XP wallpapers HD. Microsoft Windows XP defined an era in personal computing. It remains iconic in the PC timeline. I think its desktop wallpapers are iconic by themselves. How many millions of people looked […]

How Email Actually Works

how email actually works

Let us take a look at how email actually works. The sender is a human being using their company account to email someone at a different company. Step A: Sender creates and sends an email The First step on how email actually works is the originating sender creates an email in their Mail User Agent (MUA) and clicks […]

Average Internet Speed in the World

Average Internet Speed in the World

What are the Average Internet Speed in the world? How fast are they in your country compare to others? Take a look at the graph above. This blog examines the real-world internet connection speeds for people in the top 50 countries on the Internet, that means the countries with the most Internet users. In addition, […]

Units of Computer Memory Measurements

Units of Computer Memory measurements | Units of Computer Memory Measurements | Bond High Plus

Computer Memory is a physical device which is capable of storing data whether it is big or small and stores it temporarily or permanently. In addition, both computer memory and disk space are measured in these units. But it’s important not to confuse between these bits and bytes. In computer systems, a unit of data […]

E-Ball Concept PC: a sphere shaped computer

E Ball | E-Ball Concept PC: a sphere shaped computer | Bond High Plus

A new concept of PC is coming now. The E-Ball concept PC is a sphere shaped computer which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops. In addition, this computer has all the feature link a traditional computer elements like keyboard, mouse, DVD, or large screen display. The E-Ball is a sphere shaped […]

Angry Birds Star Wars PC Game

Angry Birds Star Wars PC Game is an officially licensed game with Star Wars-theme, which sees the famous birds meet characters from the movies, including Dath Vader, C3PO and R2D2. It’s a second trip into Space for the annoyed avians, following on the heals of Angry Birds Space. Angry Birds Star Wars retains some Space […]

Differences between OEM, RTM, RC & Retail OS


If you’ve ever tried to buy a license for Windows, you’re familiar with the challenges that come up. The concept may seem simple – buy the license and be on your way – but you have to decide upon the cheaper system builder (OEM) or the more expensive retail license. In theory, these two options […]

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies offers users to easily sync data and transfer various multimedia files (pictures, music and video) between your PC and mobile phone. Have you heard of Samsung Kies before? Even though modern mobile phones gain tremendous amounts of new abilities with every year, the need of connecting them to PC will always have its […]