What Happen in an Internet Minute 2023

Internet Minute 2023

The internet is growing day by day and people are viewing multiple screens. Toggling social platforms at lightning speed and with everyone scrolling, posting, swiping, tweeting, liking, sharing, downloading, snapping, etc. It’s critical we understand in part What Happen in an Internet Minute with the audience as we work to earn their attention in order […]

Here are stats to know for next blog post [Infographic]

Know the blog stats before you start blogging. As you can see, it is one of the most critical elements of the content marketing strategy. Startups have found that blogging increases traffic much more than paid advertisements. 70% of people learn about a company from blog articles instead of advertisements. With that said, it is […]

How Email Actually Works

how email actually works

Let us take a look at how email actually works. The sender is a human being using their company account to email someone at a different company. Step A: Sender creates and sends an email The First step on how email actually works is the originating sender creates an email in their Mail User Agent (MUA) and clicks […]

Units of Computer Memory Measurements

Units of Computer Memory measurements | Units of Computer Memory Measurements | Bond High Plus

Computer Memory is a physical device which is capable of storing data whether it is big or small and stores it temporarily or permanently. In addition, both computer memory and disk space are measured in these units. But it’s important not to confuse between these bits and bytes. In computer systems, a unit of data […]