Computer Consulting Services

Bond High Plus have started computer consulting services in Year 2013. Just 2 engineers gained enough experiences through working as a freelancer computer experts during their studies. After that, they decided to work as full time consultants after graduation. In additional, Bond High Plus have transparent computer consulting services.

“Never charge to quote you the service your computer needs when you bring your system to our shop. Experience the difference with our thorough system checkup & performance tuning.”
Vineeth - Our Team
Vineeth Vijayan
Computer Technician

The team grows as the year passes by and the company have started to partner with many computer distribution network to sell their product locally. In additional, more than 50 Brands have collab with us to reach out their potential clients. On top of that, Bond High Plus had clear mission for computer consulting services.

“By combining products and services of our partners and with workout of specific solutions intended for concrete needs, we create an information and communication base which will help our clients reach their goals and improve their business.”
Himalay Patel - Our Team
Himalay Patel

Moreover, Bond High Plus started stocking more than a thousand products in their store. From Computer Components to Computer Accessories, Laptops to Desktops, Budget PC to Gaming PC, Custom Assembled Computers, Networking Peripherals, Software products like Security, Operating System and many more.

Bond High Plus’s client based grew from one city, to across the state in a few years. With time, along with the traditional approach of Business, In additional, we have partnered with multiple e-commerce platform to generate additional revenue through online channel. Furthermore, Computer Consulting Services by Bond High Plus was running 6 days a week and 10 Hours a day flawlessly.

Computer Consulting Service

Desktops & Laptops

Selling Branded Desktops & Laptops. Assembled or Customer PC like Budget PC, Gaming PC and many more.

Computer Accessories

Selling Computer Accessories like keyboards, mouse, pen drive, external hard-drive, webcams and many more,

Computer Components

Selling Computer Components like Processor, Motherboards, RAM, HDD, SSD, Graphics Cards and many more.

Network Peripherals

Selling Network Peripherals like Routers, Modem, Ethernet Switches, Access Points, Hub and many more.

Operating Systems

Selling Microsoft based Operating System like Windows 8 / 8+, Windows 10 or later version.

Security Softwares

Selling Security Software like Anti-virus, USB Protector, Disk Protector, Network Firewall and many more

Public Notice

At some point in our lives, all good things come to the end. We’ve all been there, life moves faster than we can keep track.

In Early 2017, Bond High Plus have decided to close their Local Store, along with the e-commerce selling department. Due to which, our Computer Consulting Services are no longer available in the city. However, we continue providing other services and required support to all our client through other vendor when needed.